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Redwood Belgian Tervuren Fanciers actively participate in assisting any homeless, purebred Belgian Tervuren in the Northern California and Nevada vicinity, find a permanent, responsible home.

Rescue Stories

I just thought I’d contact you and let you know how Ruby is doing. She fine and is adored by a great many people at the university. I’m attaching a picture taken last week of her with some of our students & faculty. It’s not a showdog picture of her but she does look like her constant happy self, but everyone says she’s a beautiful dog, and she acts like a pofessional on campus, in a meeting or class – almost a mascot.

She is 55 lb., still has her fangs, and she’s eating Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato dog food that’s worked out very well. She has to have her anal glands checked and I take her in for a dental every 3-4 months because stuff builds up and makes sores in her mouth.

With that mental picture, I want to thank you and the Rescue Group for this wonderful Terv. She’s absolutely great.


Rescue Photos

Pictures of Tervs that RBTF members have helped find forever homes