Standing Rules and Policies

Last revised 1/14


  1. Owner must be a member of the club at the time the title was earned and have paid dues for that year. [7/94]
  2. Dog must be registered with AKC as a Belgian Tervuren. [7/94]
  3. Titles must be earned during the current calendar year, with the year commencing on January 1st and terminating on December 31st. [7/94]
  4. On co-owned dogs, the award will be given to the owner with whom the dog has resided for more than half of the year. [7/94]
  5. The awards will be presented at the annual meeting. [7/94]
  6. Only AKC titles will be recognized and paid for by the club. [7/94] Other awards may be purchased at cost by the dog owner.
  7. Members are required to complete an “Awards Form” for each title earned. [7/94]
  8. A Ten-Year Membership Award will be presented for the first ten years of continuous membership. [7/94]


  1. Yearly dues shall be $15 Individual. $25 Couple. $5 Junior. Newsletter Subscriber $15 per year. [1/94]


  1. Flyers for the club’s public events shall be approved by three board members. [11/88]
  2. Checks shall be made out to Redwood Belgian Tervuren Fanciers not a specific person. [11/88]


  1. Guidelines to be included with each New Member Packet. [1/94]
  2. An updated copy to be printed with each year’s roster. [1/94]


  1. Stakes and canopies are available to members for dog events. [1/94]
  2. Items to be picked up one week prior to event and returned within one week of conclusion of event. [1/94]
  3. $25 deposit for stakes and per canopy to be refunded when items are returned in undamaged condition. [1/94]
  4. An agreement must also be signed to reimburse the club for any repair costs to the borrowed items. [1/94]


  1. The club will support two shows per year. [1/90]
  2. Any show we support or hold a specialty at shall offer (or let us offer) obedience [AA remembers 3/12?]


  1. The Treasurer will be bonded when the account reaches $5.000. [7/94]
  2. The club will make a charitable donation during the year. [1/89]
  3. Golden Gate Kennel Club Decoration Committee budget not to exceed $100 per year. [1/94]
  4. If the Board needs to make an expenditure prior to a club meeting they shall be authorized to spend up to $250. This expenditure is to be reported at the next club meeting. [8/12]
  5. At the starts of each fiscal year, the treasurer shall determine if it is necessary to file a state Statement Of Information with the FTB, and do so if it is [01/14]