Belgian Waffle ISC Cup 2023

Belgian Waffle Cup

A day of AKC-ISC classes hosted by Redwood Belgian Terv Fanciers! Chair Roger says: “ISC courses are larger, faster, international-style courses that, at the higher levels, push handlers in the US further than they are used to (and don’t get a chance to experience locally).  And the Level 1 versions of these classes (which we will be offering) are very flowy, forward-focused courses that novice handlers and dogs can be successful at.” Also good towards qualifying for world team/EO tryouts.

WHAT: RBTF ISC day, A1/J1, A2/J2, Finals will be A3.
WHEN: Friday August 25 2023, prepended to the SMART USDAA that weekend
WHERE: Manzanita Park, Prunedale CA
JUDGE: Bill Pinder, courses by Hugo Santos

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Closes Aug 16.

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