RBTF All-Breed Obedience, Dec 15 2021

Lodi, CA at the Dream Big Training Center

Opens Nov 10, 2021, open to all breeds, Tervs have priority, three spots reserved for workers.

Entries limited to 20 runs, entry will be by random draw:
+ All entries received between Nov 10 to Nov 17 will be put into a hat.
+ Terv entries will be drawn first.
+ Three worker spots will be filled from workers selected by the trial committee.
+ All other entries will be drawn next until all spots are full.
+ After Nov 17, if there are unfilled spots, entries received will be put into those spots on a first-come-first-served basis.
+ After Nov 17, if a terv entry is received, it will be given a priority spot. If the spots are all full, then the dog in the last spot filled will be bumped to put in the terv.

Click here for the Dec 15 obed premium

Your entry and your payment must be sent via check/snailmail – online/paypal/email entries not accepted.

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