TD-TDX Tracking Test, Feb 2 2020

10th Annual AKC All-Breed TD-TDX Tracking Test

Sunday, February 2, 2020 at Mather Regional Park, Sacramento
TD limited to 3 dogs, TDX limited to 2 dogs – with preference given to Belgian Tervuren.
Entries close January 23, 2020 at 6PM
Judges: Meg Azevedo & Kyla Smay.
Secretary: Karey Krauter

Download the PREMIUM.
The weather was PERFECT (albeit California wouldn’t mind some rain, this being one of the driest Jan-Feb’s on record), Our judges were our own Meg (honorary terv kin) and our own Kyla (her first trip back here as a judge since she left the state), it was like homecoming weekend, thank you SO MUCH for coming! Tests in our area have been having volunteer problems recently, possibly contributing to some clubs deciding to discontinue their tracking program, so we are REALLY appreciative of the entire tracking community coming together to support the remaining tests. 3 of the 4 TD tracks passed, and 1 of the 3 TDX tracks passed. Before you ask: no, this only LOOKS like a GSD specialty event!
TD1: A young terv bitch ran the first TD track in the near field that has the tallest growth, seemed to become overfaced after the first turn, first test ever for the baby!
TD2: Dan Wilcox’s GSD ran the second TD track, pass! 9 minutes!
TD3: Pat White’s golden Rae ran the third TD track, 11 years young, pass! 4 minutes!!
TDalt: Brenda Montgomery’s golden ran the alt TD track, pass! Another 4 minute track!
TDX1: Lizanne Kaiser’s GSD Cody ran the first TDX track, 20 minutes later, pass! Her other GSD Grace having passed TDX the week before, on a roll!
TDX2: A GSD dog ran the second TDX track, fail, but oh-so-close – on the second-to-last turn after a good but long hard effort.
TDXalt: A GSD bitch ran the alt TDX track, failed early, but finished strongly.
Volunteers (including 7 members of RBTF):
Tireless sainted CTL: Erin Shaw
TD Tracklayers: Jenny Cuccinello, Darlene Hernandez, Nancy Strohmaier
TDX tracklayers: Alice Webber, Kathleen Yee, Pam Edgcombe, cross tracklayers Linda Knowles & Karey Krauter
Drivers: Erin, Linda, Cindy Hult
Judge Hostess: Sue Green
Hospitality: Pan Edgcombe and everyone else!

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