Upcoming Events, Save-The-Dates

Upcoming Events (see below for details):

* 2023 Oct, Nov, Dec marked obedience catalog links: see below! Congrats all!
* Tracking Jan 14 2024 VST-TDU, Cosumnes College-Elk Grove Park, closes Jan 4.
* Tracking Feb 4, 2024 TD-TDX, Mather, successes despite apocalyptic wind! See below!
* Obedience Mar 27, Lodi. Draw is Feb 29.
* Obedience Apr 24, Lodi. Draw is Mar 21.
* Obedience May 22, Lodi. Draw is Apr 18.
* Agility July 5-7, see www.abbadogs.com, closes Jun 26.
* Specialty Sep 28-29, CarsonCity, TBD
* Obedience Oct 23, Lodi, all-breed, premium not available yet
* Specialty Oct 25, Dixon, TBD
* Obedience Nov 13, Lodi, all-breed, premium not available yet
* Obedience Dec 11, Lodi, all-breed, premium not available yet

What is RBTF’s PayPal account?

* Click HERE to make a paypal payment to RBTF (direct paypal account is linda28362@att.net).
* Paypal takes credit cards – no need to have your own paypal account.
* We’d prefer payments for tracking and obed be made by check, NOT paypal, much appreciated.

Help! my dog is choking on a ball, what do I do?!

* Heimlich for dogs with balls stuck in their throat.

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