Newsletter Guidelines


  1. Two complimentary issues will be sent to names referred by members. [3/87]
  2. Copy sent to ABTC, RBTF Secretary, RBTF Archives and to area clubs that send us their newsletters. [7/92]
  3. Advertising – Front Cover – B&W $25. [3/87]
  4. Name of the newsletter shall be Terv Times and it shall be published six times a year. [10/87]
  5. Only New Business is to be printed under “Board Meeting Minutes.” [11/87]
  6. Back page reserved for notice of next club meeting. [11/87]
  7. Club ad for National Specialty catalog shall be prepared in January. [3/96]


All Issues:

  • Club Officer Listing and Phone #’s
  • Editor Address, Subscription Info, Ad Rates, Deadlines.
  • Calendar of Events
  • Club Web Site Info/Group Email Address
  • President’s Message [optional]
  • Board & General Meeting Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Applying/New Members Info (in separate box)
  • Brags
  • Next Meeting Information

1st Issue: January/February

  • Dues Reminder
  • Prior Year’s Awards Listing
  • Year in Review (if Anita is willing to collect info)

2nd Issue: March/April

  • Membership List
  • Worker’s Signup for June Agility Trial
  • Supported Show Trophy Donation Sign-ups

3rd Issue: May/June

  • no required content

4th Issue: July/August

  • no required content

5th Issue: September/October

  • Nomination List for next year’s officers and board
  • Awards Form Application

6th Issue: November/December

  • Dues Reminder – Separate Box
  • Regional/Supported Show Results (BKC and SVDF)
  • January Potluck/Awards Party Info