Awards Policy

Revised 7/95, updated from Kyla’s notes of 1/96 and 8/05 and 10/10

 A stained, wooden Tervuren silhouette, approximately 4 inches x 6 inches.  A 3 ½ inch x 5/8 inch plastic name bat with registered name of the dog is mounted in the center and two brass eyes are affixed at the bottom for the storage and display of the titles earned.  Only one “dog” is given for each Tervuren, and the [first] title earned must be an AKC title [8/05].

 Each subsequent eligible title for the same dog consists of a plastic bar, approximately 4 ½ inches x 5/8 inch, engraved with the title and the month and the year in which the title was earned [8/05].

 Awards will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the subsequent year [8/05].

  1. Owner must be a member of the club at the time the title was earned and have paid dues for that year [7/94].
  2. Dog must be registered with AKC as a Belgian Tervuren [7/94].   Or ILP’d [1/99].
  3. Titles must be earned during the current awards year, as set forth by the Awards Chair with Board approval [8/05].
  4. On co-owned dogs, the award will be given to the owner with whom the dog has resided for more than half the year [7/94].
  5. The awards will be presented at the annual meeting [7/94].  If the recipient of an award cannot be present at the annual awards meeting, then the awards will be mail by the awards chair at club cost [8/05].
  6. Only AKC titles will be eligible for awards [7/94].  The following AKC titles are NOT eligible for club sponsored awards: CGC, VCD, HIC [8/05].
  7. Members are required to complete an “Awards Form” for each dog earning titles eligible for RBTF awards [1/99].  Form(s) must be received by the awards chair on or prior to the awards form due date [8/05]
  8. Awards form will be published in the following issues of the club newsletter: May-June, July-August, September-October [1/99].  July-August, September-October [8/05].    September-October only [10/10].
  9. Members may purchase bars for non-eligible titles and titles earned in years other than the current calendar year [1/99], and are required to reimburse the club at $3/bar, reimbursement to be submitted at the time of the awards request [8/05].
  10. Awards chair will provide the Club Historian/RBTF archives with a list of the RBTF awards for the year.
  11. Awards chair will provide the RBTF newsletter editor with a list of the RBTF awards for the year, for publication in the club newsletter in the first issue of the year.
  12. Associate members are not eligible to receive club awards.  However, those members who are converted from active member to associate member status according to the RBTF By-laws are allowed to submit an order for title bars if they meet the awards deadline and pre-pay for the bars at the rate established by the RBTF board.   Title bars must be for a dog(s) who have previously earned title(s) while their owner was an active member of RBTF, and have a previous award order on file.   Eligible associate member is to submit RBTF awards form and fees prior to the established deadline.  The requesting associate member will also be required to reimburse RBTF for the cost of mailing the title bars if the associate member is not present at the annual meeting where awards are to be distributed. (1/12)
  13. When the American Kennel Club designates a new title and awards it retroactively, RBTF members in good standing may apply for and receive RBTF awards for those dogs who have been “grandfathered” into the title.
    The dog must have previously been awarded at least one RBTF title (or be eligible for a qualifying title in the same year as the “grandfathered” title.) The “grandfathered” title must be applied for in the first year in which the title is created in order to be eligible for club award. There shall be no charge to the member for the title who meets these qualifications.
    Any requests made outside these parameters will be charged at the rate for non-eligible title bars as designated by the board. (8/12)